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Collage Somora's S-WurfS-Wurf – 05.05.2020

“Somora’s Faithful Guardian” x “Lanacos G-Force”


Sugar Fairy (LUA N/hu)
Song Of The Forrest (LUA N/hu)


Screamin Eagle
Shall We Dance (LUA N/N)
Shadow Of Mine (LUA N/hu)
Suited N Booted (LUA N/N)

Collage Somora's R-WurfR-Wurf – 19.12.2019

“Somora’s NU Winter Tale” x “Lilomac’s Bits And Bytes”


Rag N Roll (LUA N/hu)
Rain Dance (LUA N/hu)
Ragtime Rumour (LUA N/hu)
Rise N Shine (LUA N/hu)


Rebel Yell (LUA N/hu)
Rim Rick (LUA N/hu)

Collage Q-WurfQ-Wurf – 31.05.2019

“Somora’s Jambalaya Secret” x “Dalmo’s Headmaster II”


QT Pie (LUA N/hu)
Queen Bee (LUA N/hu)


Qpid At Work

P-Wurf – 03.03.2019

“Somora’s Faithful Guardian” x “Caprilli’s Never Say Never”
– weitere Infos –


Paper Moon (LUA N/hu)
Peaceful Dream (LUA N/hu)


Painted Mischief (LUA N/hu)
Piece Of Art (LUA N/N)
Pick Pocket (LUA N/N)
Pinball Wizard (LUA N/N)
Press To Play (LUA N/hu)

Zuchthunde aus dieser Verpaarung:
Peaceful Dream (Zuchtstätte Joyful Point’s)
Pinball Wizard

O-Wurf – 22.08.2018

“Somora’s Little Liza Jane” x “Gwynmor Gallagher”
– pedigree –


Oh Chocolitious
Oopsie Daisy
Over The Moon


Oohs And Aahs
Odds And Ends
Oldtime Jazz
One And Only (LUA N/hu)
Out Of Ordinary

Zuchthunde aus dieser Verpaarung:
One And Only (geplant)

N-Wurf – 01.12.2017

“Somora’s Faithful Guardian” x “Caprilli’s Never Say Never”
– pedigree –


NU Winter Tale (LUA N/N)


Native Spirit
Northern Light (LUA N/hu)
Now Ur Talkin (LUA N/hu)
NU Horizon (LUA N/N)

Zuchthunde aus dieser Verpaarung:
NU Winter Tale (Mutter des Somora’s R-Wurfes)

M-Wurf – 02.08.2017

“Somora’s Jambalaya Secret” x “Lilomac’s A Little Don Juan”
– pedigree –

Zuchthunde aus dieser Verpaarung:
Mister Wonderful (ZZL), Mystic Forrest (ZZL),
Masterpiece (geplant), Misty Mountain (geplant)

L-Wurf – 25.09.2016

Somora’s Faithful Guardian x Somora’s Eagle Spirit
– pedigree –

Zuchthunde aus dieser Verpaarung:
Little Liza Jane (ZZL), Living Legend (ZZL)

– pedigree –

Zuchthunde aus dieser Verpaarung:
KaBerry KaBoon (Zuchtstätte Joyful Points), Klap Ya Handz (ZZL)

– pedigree –

Zuchthunde aus dieser Verpaarung:
Jambalaya Secret (Somora’s M & Q-Wurf), Juniper Dream (Miracle Stars)

– pedigree –

Zuchthunde aus dieser Verpaarung:
Good Times Roll, Great Xpectations, Greet The Future,
Glimpse of Glory (Somora’s K-Wurf)

– pedigree –

Zuchthunde aus dieser Verpaarung:
Forrest Ranger (Aboensis Dalmatiner/Finnland)

Zuchthunde dieser Verpaarung:
Eternal Tango (Orion’s Belt Dalmatiner)
Eagle Spirit (Blanca Azalea Dalmatiner/Spanien)
Earth Song (Somora’s J- und H-Wurf)

D-Wurf – 20.03.2011

“Gwynmor Unchained Melody” x “Divalinor Dreamkeeper”


Daydream Island
Dinky Witch
Dolphin Dance
Do The Hustle
Drangonfly Express


Desert Wind
Doctor Feelgood
Downtown Dallas

C-Wurf – 08.06.2010

“Gwynmor Unchained Melody” x “Totti vom Gramzower Kloster”


Cache Cash
Cheerio Miss Sophie
Come What May


Charlie Chocolate
Chapeau Claque
Chicago Joe


“Arusha von Ascabah” x “Gwynmor Undercover Agent”


“Everwood Busy Miss Lizzy” x “Perdita’s Rainman”

C-Wurf “von Ascabah”

“Gwynmor Unchained Melody” x “Dalmo’s Headmaster II”

B-Wurf “von Ascabah”

“Lady Latoya von Wilhelmshöhe” x “Challenger von Rebecko”

A-Wurf “von Ascabah”

“Lady Latoya von Wilhelmshöhe” x “Spotnik’s Quite A Questionmark”